Plastic Sushi Container

HP-09 Custom Black PS Plastic Sushi Trays With Lid

Item No.: HP-09
Item: HP-09
Name: Sushi Container
Material: PS
Feature: Safety,Anti-Fog,Stacking,Recycling
MOQ: 15,000Set/Sets
Product Size: 240*147*26mm,238*145*23mm

Item Material Size(mm) Packing Carton
Sizes (cm)
HP-00 OPS, PS (Black) 143*83*30,140*80*21 800sets/ctn 58*31.5*34
HP-01 OPS, PS (Black) 168*93*31,164*89*21 600sets/ctn 51.5*31*38.5
HP-02 OPS, PS (Black) 225*95*33,217*90*18 400 sets/ctn 45.5*31*39
HP-03 OPS, PS (Black) 168*117*30,165*115*20 400 sets/ctn 48*31*35
HP-05 OPS, PS (Black) 186*129*30,185*128*20 400 sets/ctn 55*31*38.5
HP-07 OPS, PS (Black) 217*137*30,216*135*20 400 sets/ctn 56.5*31*45
HP-09 OPS, PS (Black) 240*147*26,238*145*23 300 sets/ctn 49*31*45
HP-11 OPS, PS (Black) 263*190*30,260*187*23 200sets/ctn 53.5*44*39


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