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How to Prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to Prevent the Coronavirus(COVID-19)?
Confronted with the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) all over the world, and now Europe has become the hardest hit area of the epidemics, like Italy, France, Germany and Spain.
In general, the peak of the current epidemics in China has passed, we have more practical experience to protect ourselves from possible infection. Here Easy Green wants to share some points with you:

1. What is the novel coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a large family of viruses, and COVID-19 is pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus that has not been previously discovered in the human body. The COVID-19 can transmit from human to human, and it mainly transmits via respiratory droplets and contact, which have been already confirmed.

2. What are the symptoms of novel coronavirus infection?
Fever, fatigue, and dry cough are the most common symptoms. Some patients may also have a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea. Severe patients mostly suffer from difficulty in breathing and/or hypoxemia after one week of infection.

3. What should you do with suspected symptoms?
When suspected symptoms emerge, especially as those who have traveled to or stayed in the seriously affected areas or have had close contacts with suspected or confirmed patients of the infection, please immediately go to seek medical assistance at designated fever clinics with proper protection measures. 

4. What kind of protective measures should we take in daily life?
During the epidemic period, please try to reduce outdoor activities as much as possible and try to avoid going to crowded public areas. Please have proper personal protection such as wearing a facial mask while going out. Wash your hands frequently and open the window for ventilation at intervals. When in the workplace, please keep the air fresh and regularly disinfect public goods. It’s necessary to keep a certain distance from each other, please do not gathering.

4.1 What kind of masks can filter bacteria effectively?

 Surgical mask :  filter bacteria effectively, cost-effective
The structure of surgical masks is usually in three layers: the outer layer is splash-proof, the middle layer has a filtering effect, the inner layer can absorb moisture, and it has a 90% barrier effect on particles above 6 μm, which can block most droplet infectious bacteria.
 N95 mask :  filter bacteria effectively, price is higher than surgical mask.  
N of N95 mask means this mask is suitable for use in non-oily occasions and 95 means that it can filter more than 95% of dust, including droplets and some toxic gases. Because this mask is so dense, it may feel difficult to breathe after replacement. Therefore, in the prevention of daily diseases, it is enough for the general public to use surgical masks.

Applicable: During the epidemic of droplet-borne viruses, the air is used in extremely poor environments, and is mainly used by medical personnel or employees of chemical plants.

 Cotton masks, activated carbon masks, sponge masks :  unable to isolate bacteria

4.2 Why should you wash your hands frequently?
Hand washing is one of the most effective measures to prevent coronavirus disease and respiratory infections. Authorities such as the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the WHO, and the United States CDC have recommended that hands are thoroughly washed at least 30 seconds with soap and running water. 
4.2.1 When do you need to wash your hands?
a.before and after passing documents, packages;
b.before eating;
c.before,during and after preparing food;
d.after coughing or sneezing;
e.after going to the toilet;
f.after coming back out. 
g.after touching others, animals, doors, public facilities(door handle, phone, elevator button);
h.when hands are dirty, etc.

4.2.2 What should you do if you want to wash hands without water outside?
You can use alcohol-based disinfection products to clean your hands. Coronaviruses are resistant to acids and alkalis, and are sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectants. 75% alcohol inactivates the virus, so a certain concentration of alcohol-containing disinfection products can be used as an alternative to washing hands with soap and running water.
Or you can also use the instant hand sanitizer.

4.3 How to effectively public facilities disinfect?
Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the most effective disinfectant in the chlorine family available in dilute solution.  
The original 84 disinfectant solution cannot be used directly, it needs to be diluted before use. The common concentration of 84 disinfectant is 2% to 10%, and the specific proportion should be operated according to the instructions. More detail please finds user's manual.
Whats more, you can also use 75% alcohol disinfectant.
We believe that we can fight the Coronaviruses together.  Let's wear facial mask, wash hand, avoid gathering! Easy Green tips will accompany your daily life!  

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