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What you need to know

Do you know how biodegradable disposables work?

All our pulp products are 100% biodegradable and compostable, but do you know how to finish the life cycle correctly? Here we show you how with these simple steps:

1. Once you use the products, you could discard them as organic waste.
2. Organic waste is the most important step because it defines if the product is going to degrade in the established time.
3. This organic waste is transferred to a compost center.
4. The compost process is where the organic waste becomes compost.
5. This fertilizer is used to plant corn, cane and wheat
6. The residues of these materials are used to transform them again into biodegradable disposables.

And that's how simple the biodegradable disposable cycle closes, now that you know it, you can continue to help the planet together with us EASYGREEN.