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Opportunities for Corn Starch Food Container

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Author : Bowin
Update time : 2021-06-11 19:28:36

Nowadays, many local governments promulgate laws and regulations to reduce the use of plastics. So there are many suppliers are looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic, like changing the material, using other tools.
The factors that could affect the transition from plastic to corn starch packaging are the cost and price, raw material.
The raw material cost of corn starch packaging is not so inexpensive, and the production process is similar with the blister products. So we can focus on product design on the difficulty of product development. We accept the customized corn starch packaging.
In addition, please kindly check our new arrival products, corn starch clamshell box and cutlery

Advantages of using corn starch food packaging:
1.Nontoxic, harmless, healthy, and sanitary.
2.The products can be used in temperatures between: -10℃ and 100℃ in up to 2 hour
3.Suitable for use in microwave oven
4.Suitable for use in refrigerator
5.Compostable and eco-friendly, reduces carbon foot print by using 60% renewable materials, instead of using 100% plastic.
6.Good Buckle, scientific buckle design, leak proof, and stackable, suitable for transportation at a certain distance.

Most importantly, given the fact that many local governments government is actively trying to implement a nationwide ban on single-use plastics, there aren't much leeway for businesses to continue using conventional plastics as restrictions will continue to increase.
However, by switching early on, you can gain a competitive edge as your product and service offerings will stand out from your competitors who are still using conventional plastics!
If you are interest in our corn starch food packaging, please feel free to send us inquiry!

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